Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rebekah, Class of 2010

My first female from the Class of 2010!! I met Rebekah, her mom and her sister at Monument Valley Park on Saturday morning. The park was busy with several other photographers taking senior pictures--tis the season!
Rebekah is a beautiful girl and was very easy to photograph. After we spent about an hour at the park, we headed downtown to do some urban shots. We went to my favorite place downtown and it has been struck by urban renewal!! The graffiti was taken off the walls, my favorite red door was painted some ugly eggplant color and some of the buildings are being taken down! I really don't like urban renewal! Lol... We found a couple of spots there to take some pictures and then we went down to Giuseppe's to see what was down there. We found a few more spots, but urban renewal is alive and well down there as we well.
We got some great shots in spite of it all, so here is a sneak peak at Rebekah's senior portraits...

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