Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11...Never Forget....

Eight years ago, my daughters and I were getting ready to head to the dentist's office because my oldest daughter, Ashley was getting her braces on that day. It was really unusual for me to have the TV on in the morning when we were headed out somewhere, but on that particular morning, I turned on The Today Show.

We were watching when Katie and Matt were talking to a lady that had witnessed the first hit on the Trade Center. Everyone thought it was just an accident at that point. I was sitting on the couch, putting on my socks when I looked up and saw the second plane hit. I was in shock and knew at that moment that it was no accident. I couldn't even imagine who would want to take plane loads of human beings and turn them into human bombs. It was beyond my comprehension that anyone could be that evil. I really wanted to cancel Ashley's appointment and just stay glued to the TV but knew I couldn't do that. We listened to the radio the whole way to the dentist's and when we go into his office, they had it playing on the TV and the radio.

Then we heard the news that the Pentagon had been hit and then the news about the courageous passengers on Flight 93 that wouldn't allow those beasts to fly their plane into another target.

At some point we saw the footage of President Bush when Andrew Card whispered into his ear that the United States was under attack. I swear I saw President Bush age 10 years when he heard the news. My heart went out to this man. How would he lead us during this horrifying time? How would he react to the threat? I know many have criticized President Bush for not jumping up and taking action. I'm glad he didn't. I think he took the moment---his last moment of general tranquility---to get his thoughts together. Can you imagine what his thoughts were? The United States was under attack. Thousands of people had been killed. Something inhumane had taken plane loads of people and tried to bring us to our knees. Sit back for a moment and think about what you would have done? I think about what I would have done. I think I would have been praying, and maybe that's what President Bush was doing. Maybe he stopped to ask the Lord for wisdom. Maybe he was asking the Lord to give him the words to say to the people of the United States. Maybe he was asking God to protect anyone else who was in harm's way. Maybe he was asking the Lord to comfort those who had lost loved ones. Who knows?

I hope no one who was alive on September 11, 2001, will ever forget what happened on that day. For one day, we were a country that loved. We were a country that was angry together and not at each other. For one day we loved our family and friends fiercely. For one day, we loved our neighbors and even strangers. For one day, we were united. For one day, we cried for people we had never met. For one day, we stood behind our president, who showed himself as strong, courageous and comforting. For one day there were no Republicans, no Democrats, no Liberals, no Right-Wingers, no Libertarians. For one day we were all Americans. Don't ever forget....