Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aaron, Class of 2010

Aaron is a basketball player....and he was TALL! I met Aaron at his high school so we could get some shots of him at his gymnasium. Although he wasn't so willing to pose for some of the shots, he was a pretty good sport and let me at least get some shots that were kind of "artsy".

After we did the basketball shots, we headed over to my studio to do some indoor shots. As you can see, Aaron is a really good looking kid and I kept telling him he should model when he gets out of high school. He just laughed. (Between you and me, I don't think he was really enjoying getting his picture taken!) After the indoor pics we headed over to park off of Chapel Hills Drive. I could not believe how ravaged the park looked! It looked like a tornado had been through. We found a few spots we could use, then headed over to Mary Kyer Park to get some final shots by the waterfalls.

Although, I don't think he liked getting his pictures taken, he was very nice and did everything I asked him to...well, almost...Lol...

Rebekah, Class of 2010

My first female from the Class of 2010!! I met Rebekah, her mom and her sister at Monument Valley Park on Saturday morning. The park was busy with several other photographers taking senior pictures--tis the season!
Rebekah is a beautiful girl and was very easy to photograph. After we spent about an hour at the park, we headed downtown to do some urban shots. We went to my favorite place downtown and it has been struck by urban renewal!! The graffiti was taken off the walls, my favorite red door was painted some ugly eggplant color and some of the buildings are being taken down! I really don't like urban renewal! Lol... We found a couple of spots there to take some pictures and then we went down to Giuseppe's to see what was down there. We found a few more spots, but urban renewal is alive and well down there as we well.
We got some great shots in spite of it all, so here is a sneak peak at Rebekah's senior portraits...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kim's Family

I got a call last Friday night from the daughter of a lady I work with. Her son was leaving the following evening and she wanted to know if I would have time the next morning to take some family pictures before he left that evening, and her daughter left for college the next week!

We met at Monument Valley Park first thing Saturday morning. It was apparently a good day for picture taking because there were no less than 4 photographers in the park when I arrived.

It was a beautiful day and the family was very lovely. They were easy to photograph and I learned that all I had to say to make everyone in the family laugh, was "how about those Angels?" I guess they are big fans of the California Angels. I'm glad we were able to get some family images for this family before it was too late. Thanks, Kim and family for letting me capture these special memories for you!

Linkon, First Birthday Cake Smash

I saw this little guy on the first day we attended our new church. I kept looking at him throughout the chuch service, thinking how cute he would be to photograph. seven months later, I got the courage to ask his parents, Kevin and Chrissy if I could photograph him. They agreed and boy, was I right!
Linkon was in a playful, happy mood. I had no problems getting smiles out of him. I have to tell you...he was one of the most well-behaved one year olds I've ever seen!

When we brought the cake out, he couldn't wait to dig in. I had to have his mommy hold him back while I got the camera ready. What ensued can only be described as a cake eating frenzy! We laughed so hard at him. At one point, I thought he was actually going to stick his face right into the cake! I had a really hard time narrowing down the pictures, but mom and dad are going to have a tougher time picking out their favorites! Thanks, Kevin and Chrissy, for sharing Linkon with me!

Trent, Class of 2010

This is Trent. Trent is a senior this year at TCA and is planning on going to college to become a pediatrician. Wow! Talk about some high goals!

We had fun taking pictures at Glen Eyrie and then we headed to downtown Colorado Springs to get some cool urban shots.

Best of luck, Trent! I know you will make a fantastic pediatrician!