Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aaron, Class of 2010

Aaron is a basketball player....and he was TALL! I met Aaron at his high school so we could get some shots of him at his gymnasium. Although he wasn't so willing to pose for some of the shots, he was a pretty good sport and let me at least get some shots that were kind of "artsy".

After we did the basketball shots, we headed over to my studio to do some indoor shots. As you can see, Aaron is a really good looking kid and I kept telling him he should model when he gets out of high school. He just laughed. (Between you and me, I don't think he was really enjoying getting his picture taken!) After the indoor pics we headed over to park off of Chapel Hills Drive. I could not believe how ravaged the park looked! It looked like a tornado had been through. We found a few spots we could use, then headed over to Mary Kyer Park to get some final shots by the waterfalls.

Although, I don't think he liked getting his pictures taken, he was very nice and did everything I asked him to...well, almost...Lol...

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