Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Light the World Parade

My daughters are dancers and their dance instructor was asked to help choreograph some dances for a production called The Light the World Parade that was going to be part of the opening ceremonies of the State Games of the West here in Colorado Springs. I was asked to take pictures of the parade so that they could be used in a proposal for it to be performed at the Opening games of the 2009 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Ed James of Ark2 Productions in Franklin, TN is the creator and director of this non-profit organization. They were able to perform in the Athens Olympic Games a few years ago and had been asked to participate in the Beijing Games this year but were unable to do so because of the turmoil in that area.

Special thanks to fellow photographers Tim Skrastins, Russ Pitts, Ted Mehl and David Cartwright for helping me out.

For more information about The Light the World organization, go to .

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