Friday, February 6, 2009

Attention Seniors and Parents of Seniors!

Want a different and exciting graduation announcement/invitation that doesn't look like everyone other senior's in your class? I offer a complete design service that includes graduation announcements and 411 Cards.

What are 411 cards? 411 Cards are the same size as a business card, but has all of your information on it that you might want to share with friends: myspace/facebook/twitter accounts; cell phone number; your new college address, etc... Whatever information you want on it, I can put on it. These usually include a senior picture as well. These are great for seniors to give out to their friends and family before they leave for college or get out on their own. Although these are great to give out to friends, I do always want to warn everyone that you shouldn't give these to complete strangers. We want you all to be safe! I custom design these with the colors and designs you want. The price starts out at $35 for a box of 100 business size with print on both sides. If you want something really different, you can order a folded business card with prices starting at $50 for a box of 100.

I also offer custom designer cards. I can include as many pictures as you like, including that picture of your first day at school, if you like! As long as there is no copyright on the image, I can incorporate it into your design. Sports, band, that second grade picture with no front teeth....whatever you want to include. You can choose any color and any design. I will work with you on what best shows your personality. Custom cards come in a variety of sizes and prices. Prices range from $1.25 per card to $4.10 per card, with a minimum of 25 cards ordered.

Please contact me if you are interested in either the 411 cards or the announcements.

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